What I Like About the Kardashians.

Not everybody loves the Kardashians but is there anyone who hasn’t heard of them? Few people know what they really do but many folks dream about being just like them – celebrities. What’s their secret?  You might argue that they don’t do anything of value, you could be concerned about their stunted morals and the shallowness they present, but you can’t deny they are out there – they have an uncanny knack for garnering attention from the populace.

You may not like what they do but you have to admire their skill in doing it. Here is a family where no one has studied marketing yet they have succeeded in morphing “nothing of substance” into a considerable and formidable marketing machine, the envy of many MBA trained marketers (who can’t even begin to match the marketing flair of these women.) They’ve taken some girls who are handsome (but not stunning in beauty pageant standards) and made them into the envy of many young women across the country. They’ve promoted what amounts to nothing and made it something eagerly sought and desired by many. This is a glamour-based-reality-version of the Seinfeld Show!


Maybe it all began like this, imagine the scene:  The Kardashian girls and their mom sitting puzzling over how to get on easy street for life. One sighs, “Well it just might have to be a ‘job’!” [mild background gasps of horror and the noise of violent puking is heard.]  The others quickly turn up their noses at the very thought.  Another says, “Maybe we should find filthy rich husbands to keep us in the lifestyle we want” but that met even less approval. Maybe it was mom with glistening eyes, who spoke, “Girls we don’t ever have to work or chase flakey guys who are going to boss us around and make a mess of our lives. We can get what we want in life if we make ourselves into a brand and use it to sell stuff. We’ll never have to work again!”


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However it really happened, they’ve demonstrated incredible smarts to get where they are today. It’s not immediately obvious but there’s a lot of discipline and creativity in what they do and they are achieving their goal of notoriety to drive other opportunities.  Here’s a list of a few of the things they do well:

* They’re focused on their mission –building notoriety to increase earnings

* They’re irrepressible – Barbara Walters can tell them in front of millions that they have no talent but that doesn’t discourage them at all.

* They’re ruthless – they have a goal and will let nothing stand in their way.

* They hold nothing back – everything they have (including Kim’s body) is applied to their mission – regardless of the cost in terms of privacy, embarrassment and modesty. They don’t care what history will say about them, they get on with their mission today.

* They will stop at nothing to get where they want to go – no relationship, no warm fuzzy feelings of emotion, no pandering to the needs of others, no petty thought of reputation or clashing commitments.

* They will use anything that takes them to their goal – just ask Kris Humphries

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– it takes creativity to plan a wedding of the century, commercialize the rights to it, make a huge tabloid splash, get televised (and paid for it – no mere news items for these guys) and then follow on with a “reality” show to milk yet more from the event. As the money and attention dries up they know how to wring out more by staging a publicized break up and divorce. The whole world has an opinion on what they should do with the ring and waits with bated breath to see if they will do “the right thing.”

* They understand what their talent really is and they do know how to use it. They are self promoters through and through and the proof of their talent is that anyone even knows who they are. Sorry Barbara, you got that one wrong because you looked for the wrong talents. Barbara’s comment actually helps them because people talk about them more.

* They don’t care if you like them or not. So long as people pay attention to them they are happy (that’s their goal since it leads to sales.)

* They don’t care about bad press – it’s as good, maybe better than good press in achieving their purpose.

* They don’t hesitate to scale up operations to seize an opportunity for more publicity and to generate enterprises to capitalize on it. They understand what people really want and are not fooled for a moment about what people say they want.

* They are well aware of other opportunities their notoriety opens up to them – hence clothing lines, perfumes, endorsements galore. Notoriety becomes the tool to their real income.

* They use their notoriety to open doors. Others might sit and weep at the shame but they realize that no event in Hollywood is complete without a Kardashian. No one wants them yet they are in demand. When the Kardashians show up your event gets publicity.

* They have cast-iron self-esteem and are able to rise again from the most stinging of criticism without signs of bitterness or resentment. Others may cringe but not the Kardashians.

* They took their mundane and forgettable lives and made something of them. We may not like what they made but in terms of their aims they have accomplished something significant.

* They are incredibly creative in finding ways to advance their mission and must spend hours planning and thinking through new ways to boost their ratings. They live their mission.

* They are committed for the long-term. They will never live down their reputations and that’s okay with them. They did it for their goal. They seem to give no thought for a future without notoriety.

* They know that the attention will eventually pass so they make the most of the opportunities today brings to them. What they can enhance they do and with the rest they get on with using them as-is.

* They don’t wait for the perfect time, they use as best they can whatever is available to them.

* They groom and support each other in their escapades and keep an eye on training up their younger sibling to assume the mantle in due course. The public can’t wait!


What has all this got to do with faith? Well imagine what would happen if other people who claim to have a mission in life learnt from their example of taking nothing and making it into something. We may not like the something they made but we have to acknowledge their skill. The question is, “What would happen if Christians applied these principles (correcting the shallowness as well as the moral and ethical deficiencies) to their mission?” It would become a bestseller in no time at all: “The Kardashian Handbook for Christian Ministry.”  But no one would ever admit to having bought a copy.

Idolize them or react with horror but pause long enough to ponder what would happen if churches today were filled with people as focused and determined about achieving their goals as the Kardashians are. Their gospel is about good news for them; Christ’s gospel is good news for all people. They are not afraid to commit themselves fully to living out their gospel, no mere lip service for them, no weak whimpering about the cost, the shame, or the consequences. They let nothing stand in their way. What would happen if the church had an army of people like that?



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